Learn business related topics from members of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce and the U.S. Business Association of E-Commerce. 

Simplify the Way You Manage Human Resources in Your Business

Learn about Managing HR and PEO Solutions. JobFit is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides Human Resource services for small and mid-market companies through a co-employment relationship. Services primarily include payroll administration, voluntary and medical benefits, risk management, workers’ compensation, HR administration and employee development. Powered by VensureHR.
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Instagram para Negocios

En esta presentación les comparto algunos consejos que les pueden ayudar a promocionar su negocio en Instagram. Utilizar las redes sociales para la promoción de sus productos y servicios es muy importante.
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Steps to Home Ownership

Learn the steps that you need to take to own a home. Presented by Gerry “The Realtor” Carrillo. Q&A at the end. Please ask your questions below. #realestate #homeownership #homebuying
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How to do Business with the Port of San Diego

Do you own a small business? Learn how to do business with the Port of San Diego. Equal Opportunity Contracting BPC Policy No. 359: It is the policy of the Port District that all businesses are provided equal opportunity to participate in the performance of District contracting and leasing opportunities. The District is committed to …

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Herramientas para Comenzar a Vender por Internet

Conoces las opciones que tienes para poder comenzar a vender tus productos o servicios en Internet. No dejes pasar la oportunidad de incrementar tus ventas, activa una tienda en línea para tu negocio.
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Learn About Wells Fargo’s Supplier Diversity Program

What does diversity mean to Wells Fargo? We value and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business and at all levels. Success comes from inviting and incorporating diverse perspectives. Our Approach Diverse spend growth. Support strategic thinking and align with businesses around strategic opportunities that include diverse suppliers in competitive sourcing and procurement opportunities. …

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You Are Unstoppable

Speech description: Nine out of ten people are unstoppable, yet they don’t own that fact for themselves. One’s success or failure is based on what they decide individually. It is possible to create what we desire; We all have a capacity for that creative force. During the keynote and as a participant, you will learn …

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Desarrollo de Marca & Producto

Aprende sobre: – Tu momento AHA – Dibujo – Prototipo – Propiedad Intelectual | Patente – Manufactura del Producto Presentado por: Frances Prado Hija de inmigrantes mexicanos, que desde muy pequeña trabajó junto a sus padres en los campos de cebolla de Bakersfield, California y vivió muchas carencias; experiencia que la convirtieron en la mujer …

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Cómo Hacer Posible Producir un Alimento

6 Pasos básicos para pasar de la idea o concepto al producto terminado. Idea de negocio para emprendedores.
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Get a Grip on Your Business

If you’d like to be in more control of your organization, you’re not alone. As thousands of business leaders have discovered, the key to faster growth, bigger profits, and fewer frustrations is to have a complete “system” of running your business. EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a comprehensive business system with real, simple, practical tools. …

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Decisiones que Ayudan a Acumular Riqueza

Juan Pablo Delgado nos habla sobre: – Cómo expandir tus conocimientos de inversión. – Las 4 etapas económicas de la riqueza. – Dónde pertenece cada herramienta financiera. – Que herramientas son apropiadas para tu etapa actual de vida.
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The State of E-commerce and Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Digital Presence to Boost Sales | David Villafañe

Consumers worldwide are buying items rarely purchased online before the pandemic, like groceries, health and hygiene, and home essentials. Unlocking the future of retail means offline-online innovation that allows consumers to buy anywhere they shop, try on your products with augment reality (AR) before buying, and engineering virtual versions of retail shopping experiences.
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Reasons to Move your Data Center to the Cloud | Jesse Eguia

Triton Technology will share on this webinar reasons to move your data center to the cloud. Our guest speaker is Jesse Eguia. Topics: 1.Speed To Deliver Your Solution 2. Scalable To Meet Demand 3. Artificial Intelligence, and more…
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Estrategias para Mejorar el Flujo de Efectivo en tu Negocio | Vidal Espinosa

Algunos de los puntos que aprenderás: – Porque requiero de un Presupuesto – Diferencia entre lo que esta en el BANCO y UTILIDAD – Porque es necesario tener “Contabilidad Financiera” y no solo “Para Impuestos” – Quédate con más dinero en tu bolsa todos los MESES Presentado por Vidal Espinosa “The Shark CFO”.
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Software Development and Nearshore Development | David Villafañe

Nearshore Development – Proven high quality – Similar culture/ High English level/ Great Timezone – No legal risks – Great Quality/ Cost ratio Watch this webinar to learn more about nearshore development.
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Como Crear un Curso Online y Como Prospectar a Través de LinkedIn | Paloma Peña

Aprende 3 SECRETOS para Convertir tu experiencia en un programa online teniendo CLIENTES PREMIUM a través de LINKEDIN. Invitada Especial: Paloma Peña.
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LifePlan 360 | Jose Daniel Corte Jr

A plan for and a plan to protect & cover all of life changes- Homes, Cars, College, Marriages, Emergencies, Vacations, Current Lifestyle, Retirement, leaving a Legacy & more! Presented by Jose Daniel Corte Jr.
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